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REVA University strives to be a Social Impact University; breaking through stigma and social barriers while fostering abundant knowledge, innovation, and growth among its students. REVA aims to help society become more inclusive and compassionate.

Nurturing Happiness Through Affordable Care

At Happy Minds, we acknowledge the importance of accessible mental healthcare provided by budding psychologists. In addition to utilising cutting-edge technology and evidence-based practices, we provide round-the-clock therapeutic support delivered by Mind Coaches who have been trained by leading Mental Health Professionals.

Happy Minds & REVA

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Happy Minds and REVA University empower individuals to overcome challenges and embrace positive change. Through informed principles and healthy habits, we help them navigate life with a healthier mind and a positive outlook.

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REVA University Students

Holistic & Affordable Care

Pay what you can starting at 199/-.

24/7 Support

Late night wellness sessions from speedy First Responders

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Online sessions with flexible time slots for your convenience.

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